A. B. Lafitte

Lakewood Den Project

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A.B. Lafitte transformed the den space in her 1962 ranch home into an immersive, monochromatic lair  perfect for cocktail parties, movie binges, and early morning coffee. A vibrant Baked Clay color blankets every inch of the room--from the walls and ceiling, to the carpet, drapes, and furniture. Graphic artwork and accessories pop against the red-orange hues. 
A.B. Lafitte specializes in colorful, sculptural interiors--and her debut Lakewood Den project epitomizes the aesthetic of her newly launched firm.  

The Lynette

The Lynette is an eclectic, boutique retreat in the heart of Tulsa. This Florence Park Bungalow is an elegant, playful space that injects a uniquely modern spirit into it’s heritage architecture.

A made-over fireplace with Japanese finger tile and a bold, chartreuse painted mantel is the focal point of the eclectic living room. 

The vintage kitchen--once a white hodge-podge from a 90s reno--is now turned pink. Salmon colored cabinets and the Norwegian Rose marble backsplash turned the previously bland space into a colorful space full of character and vintage charm.

The furniture and decor is a mixture of designer vintage, local finds, and custom artwork.