A. B. Lafitte

Full Service Interior Design

Full Service Interior Design is basically the red-carpet treatment! 

This level of service includes the following process:
Consultation & Kick-off
    • Review, assess, and become familiar with project and client needs.
    • Photograph, measure, and inventory existing space(s) and furnishing(s) to provide accurate reference for planning purposes.
Design Development
    • Develop design direction for the project including initial space plans, architectural finishes, millwork, furniture, and decor.
    • Select furniture, fabrics, finishes, fixtures, hardware, plumbing, appliances, and architectural treatments for client consideration.
    • Reach out to trades, vendors, and fabricators to prepare cost estimates for proposed design and selections. 
    • Prepare and present visual documentation and cost estimates for proposed design direction to client(s).
Design Documentation
    • Upon approval, finalize drawing package and specifications for construction and procurement. This includes 2D building plans, 3D models, quoting documents, and specs for any design element to be purchased by A.B. Lafitte.
    • Coordinate finalized drawings with contractors and/or trades for construction. 
    • Procurement is the process of “procuring” all of the necessary design elements as proposed, approved, and documented for construction. This typically includes purchasing, tracking, receiving, and storing all building finishes, fixtures, appliances, hardware, furniture, and/or decor. Depending on the project, procurement is often done in coordination with the general contractor and/or a receiving company.
Construction Management
    • Involves extensive coordination with the project team or contractor to successfully manage the construction of the approved and documented design. 
    • Includes numerous site visits during construction to check on progress or to remedy an issue. 
Furniture + Decor Installation
    • Once construction is complete and all furniture and decor items have been received, an installation day can be set with the client. 
    • All furniture and decor are transported to site and A.B. Lafitte + hired movers install everything. This process can take multiple days to complete prior to final reveal. 
Final Reveal + Completion
    • Walk the completed project site with client and review design. 
    • Identify and resole any deficiencies.
    • CELEBRATE and photograph! ︎


Slow-Burn design allows clients to tackle bits and pieces of their project at a slower, more affordable pace. 
This service is often broken into phases--with the client controlling the order of the design work to be completed.  A Slow-Burn project begins with a consultation where we will identify the project wishlist and discuss budget and/or limiting factors that influence the phasing of work to be done.
Slow-Burn projects follow the same process as Full-Service design--as listed above--just in phases over a longer period of time. 

Hourly Consulting

Hire me on an hourly basis.
If you just need help with a few things, and want to limit billable hours to a set amount--hourly consulting might be the best fit for you!

I also offer 3D visualization services via Sketchup under my hourly consulting umbrella. 

︎My billable hourly rate is $75/hr. ︎

Special Requests

Do you dream of building a magical log cabin in the middle of the forest?
Do you want to develop a new neighborhood and completely flip the status quo of suburban typologies? 
Do you have a lot of “what if” design fantasies?

I happily accept absurd and special design requests!
Let me know what you’re up to and let’s see if we can work together.